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Need help with Body Image Issues in Fort Lauderdale

Body Image Issues

Standing strong against self-hate and leaning into the power of acceptance, self- love and compassion; embodying the highest frequency of ourselves

Fort Lauderdale Body Image Therapy

A Tribe of Wonder Women Warriors Fighting Body Wars!

Negative body image messages are insidious. They tell us we aren’t thin enough; we don’t look good enough, that we aren’t good enough. These messages are often subtle at first, but then grow in intensity with time. Negative body image can lead, not only to eating disorder behaviors and disordered eating, but also low self-esteem, poor relationships with others, and ongoing physical health issues.


Body Image work begins with understanding the origins of our negative body image as well as the current sources of influence on our body image. This can include social, societal and even global influences. We also need to uncover our own self-messages; the things we tell ourselves about our bodies (i.e., I should look like I did when I was 20, I can’t eat that, If I am no longer a certain size/weight I won’t be happy). We also need to identify the behavioral consequences of our negative body image. Do we restrict the amount of food we allow ourselves to eat? Do we weigh ourselves multiple times a day? Do we miss out on certain social events because of self-judgment? This is some of the work that will be done in weekly sessions.


Body image work takes time. Body image work takes a commitment to stepping into past pain, memories of judgment from others, and self-judgment. It requires deliberately challenging our most core beliefs and assumptions about what is “ideal”. It requires a willingness to accept and embrace who we are right in this moment; to make peace with ourselves and actually practice gratitude for all of the things our bodies allow us to do.

What I Treat

  • Negative Body Image

  • Disordered Eating

  • Negative Self Talk

  • Poor Self Esteem

  • Food Rituals

  • Body Checking Rituals

What You Can Expect

  • Weekly sessions attending to YOUR view of your body

  • Identification of factors that influence your negative body image

  • Defining body image and self esteem

  • Identification of negative beliefs

  • Challenging body image and eating rituals and "rules"

  • Increased self esteem and positive self talk

  •  Beginning mindful acceptance of body image

  • Gratitude for your body

The mission of Wonder Woman Warriors  (WWW) is to create a space for women to explore and challenge their self defeating beliefs about their bodies and to develop a healthier body image that will allow them to live their most meaningful life and end the war with their bodies.

We help women become confident and strong in their own bodies. We help women improve self-esteem and decrease self-judgments through the practice of acceptance and gratitude for their bodies.

We do this by providing support and skill building in the areas of defining body image, uncovering our past and present sources of our negative body image, identifying family and societal patterns that have contributed to negative body images, and exploring our own body rules. We identify how we are at war with our body and begin to move to a place of peace through exercises in gratitude, mindfulness and acceptance.

Our goal is to help all WWW to stop the war with their bodies and embody PEACE.

  • Do you feel like you’re constantly dissatisfied with your body?

  • Do you feel like you struggle with self judgments about your body?

  • Do you often beat yourself up with messages such as “I’m too fat” “I wish by body were different” or “I’m not good enough”?

  • Do you feel pressured to look a certain ways?

  • Do you bounce from diet to diet in the hopes of achieving the “idea” body?

  • Did you grow up in a home where you were told your body wasn’t ok the way it was?

  • Did you grow up in a home where “diet talk” was the norm?

  • Do you feel that you are at war with you body?

  • Do you often compare yourself to other woman?


At the end of this program you will:

  • Explored your own past and current body image messages

  • You will explore the roots of your own body image struggles

  • You will gain an understanding of WHY you tell your body the things you do

  • You will define what body image means to you / discover your own personal body image

  • You will uncover past and current sources of negative body image – society, social media, family

  • You will understand the origins of your body image

  • You will uncover your own negative self talk about your body

  • You will uncover your thought distortions

  • You will understand the behavioral consequences of your negative body image on you and your family

  • You will begin to modify your own negative self talk about your body

  • You will discover the practice of gratitude for your body

  • You will identify body image rituals and rules that you have AND help to begin to extinguish these rituals

  • You will step into the practice of mindful acceptance of you body

  • You will move towards body peace


The Women who benefit from my programs are often:

  • More empowered in their own bodies

  • Embrace their own beauty both outside and in

  • Leave their negative and self hate messages behind

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the voices that influence how they feel about themselves

  • Leave old messages from family behind

  • Challenge their ideas of what is “ideal” for a women’s body

  • Extinguish the negative self talk

  • Have gratitude for all of things that their bodies allow them to do

  • Develop peace and compassion for their bodies

  • Begin to take part in activities that they may have avoided their WHOLE lives (i.e., going to the beach)

Get started loving your body and get rid of yoru body image issues with support in Fort Lauderdale

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The Hardest Part - Reaching Out for Help

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