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VIP Concierge Therapy

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Fort Lauderdale Concierge Therapy

Concierge therapy is a truly individualized approach to your mental health treatment that takes into account your lifestyle and specific privacy needs. This individually tailored approach is what sets concierge therapy apart from traditional outpatient therapeutic models. At Conscious Healing Solutions we offer the most comprehensive, evidence-based approaches to treatment tailored to your needs and experiences.

Concierge therapy clients are typically offered a wider variety of appointment options, including evening appointments and often same day appointments once you join our concierge level of care. After you speak with our client concierge, you will be matched with the right program for you; the program that fits your therapeutic and budgetary needs. 

Your first concierge therapy session will involve an in-depth evaluation of your goals and needs as well as an overview of the many benefits of your program. This initial session will consist of gathering background information including symptoms, family/relationships, and relevant medical history as well as an exploration of what brought you to therapy. From there, our concierge therapy clients enjoy priority scheduling, extended sessions (up to 50% longer session times if needed), flexible date and time changes, access to therapeutic check-ins in between sessions, and supportive services in between sessions. 

If you find that your profession, lifestyle, status or privacy needs make it difficult (if not impossible) for you to schedule traditional in-office sessions then this level of care is right for you. You can find our concierge services list as well as the different level rates here. Should you still have more questions about the right level of care for you, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to guide you through the process.

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