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Letting Go… The Art of Detachment to Improve Your Mental Health

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

“We cannot begin to work on ourselves, to live our own lives, feel our own feelings, and solve our own problems until we have detached…” – Melody Beattie

Detachment is key to your mental health and a significant topic because it is a first step in taking care of ourselves.

However, detachment may seem like a negative behavior. That is, people often

confuse detachment with not caring, with being cold and withdrawn, or with

removing love and affection. Quite the contrary, detachment does involve love and

caring; love and caring for yourself without getting over-involved in other’s lives.

Learning the benefits of detaching and the benefits to your mental health
The art of detachment

Here are some ideas of what is involved with the detachment process:

  • Self-responsibility; letting others live their own lives

  • Living in the present; instead of trying to control the future

  • Acceptance of reality and a release of our burdens

  • Setting appropriate and much needed boundaries in our relationships

With detachment comes a sense of peace and serenity. Freedom is another benefit of

detachment; a freedom from other’s problems as well as a freedom to focus on our

own lives.

Remember, “detachment is not detaching from the person whom we care about, but

from the agony of involvement” – Al-Anon member.

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