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Moving from Detachment to Acceptance

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

“We cannot change who we are until we accept ourselves the way we are”.

In the previous articles, I discussed detachment; what it means to detach and the journey of “letting go”. Through this process of detachment, we can begin to move to a place of acceptance.

Accepting Ourselves
Learning to move on from detachment to acceptance

There are many benefits to acceptance. Acceptance can bring us peace and can be a turning point for change in our lives. Acceptance does not mean tolerating the behaviors of others or a resignation to our life circumstances. Rather, it is an acknowledgment of the situations in life that we inevitably face as well as a recognition of ourselves and others in our life; a recognition of the way things are.

Acceptance provides us with a freedom to move past the issues we may be holding on to, or the relationships that we are trying to change. As you are reading this, perhaps you will think of a situation in your life that you are having difficulty letting go of and accepting. As you reflect on this remember that, as with anything, acceptance takes time and is often like the grief process; we must first work through our feelings of denial, anger or depression before we can move on to acceptance.

I encourage you to take the time! Take the time to move into a place where you can begin to feel peace.

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